Empower the weaker
Let us educate the deprived
Let us help to ameliorate the sufferings
Let us integrate the society
Holistic education to all
An education which transforms a human being into economically productive,
socially responsible and morally upright member of the society

Current Projects

  1. Annual Fee @ Rs 3000 per child
  2. Uniform of a poor child @ Rs 2000 per child
  3. Text Books for a poor Child @ Rs 1000 per child
  4. Salary of a teacher @ 3000 pm 
  5. Potable water fund Rs 5000 (Installation of one RO system may require 15-20 thousand depending on the capacity)
  6. Medical Fund  - School Children Any Amount
  7. Computer/furniture Fund  -  Any Amount
  8. Scholarship fund -  Any Amount
  9. Donate old Working Computer, text books and blank copies and stationery

    • Scholarship (9th standard-12th Standard)  Rs 5000 
    • Higher Technical and Medical Education        Rs 30,000 
    • Higher Education Rs 15000 

    • School Quality Improvement Funds
      1. School Teacher Fund Rs 3000 For teachers in Hindi, English and Maths
      2. Dress, Books and Ration Fund Any amount

    • SEFI Center Land and Building Fund Any Amount
Socio Ecconomy