Covid-19 pendemic, Help for food
Let us educate the deprived
Let us help to ameliorate the sufferings
Let us integrate the society
Holistic education to all
Holistic education to all
Holistic education to all
An education which transforms a human being into economically productive,
socially responsible and morally upright member of the society

Road Map

As may be seen from detail of objectives, they are very wide and multifarious but necessary for socio-economic empowerment. We have plan to initiate some  activities immediately, listed under short term while activities listed  under long term may be taken in due course subject to availability of funds.
A. Short Term
  • Establishing ICT based "Roshini Centers" an after-School, for weaker Section to address the problem of low quality of primary and secondary education and tackle the problem of drop-outs
  •        Organizing Medical Camps
  • Medical help to poor
  • Education Loan without Interest
  • Seminars on socio-economic issues
  • Giving aid to schools for poor
  • Arranging medical checkup at schools for poor
  • Help the people affected by calamities
  • Cooperation with other NGOs towards our objective
  • Scholarship to poor children
  • Adopting Schools for quality education.
  • Study of Govt plans and making effort to benefit weaker section from these schemes
B. Long Term
  • Establish Engineering / medical College in backward areas
  • High standard Training institutes all over India for various levels of students to enable them to get job and career counseling. 
  • Establishing a cultural center to promote rich heritage of our country,.
To start with, we need to create basic infrastructure, generate funds, and take up activities listed under Short term.Some of the immediate concerns of the trust are:
  • Establishing an Office
  • Generating funds on case to case basis and also against well-defined projects.
  • Constitution of advisory committees to guide the trust in different areas – education, Socio-economic issues, health environment etc.
  • Establishing network of volunteers/ sympathizers
In line with above, the trust has already made a modest beginning..
Socio Ecconomy