Covid-19 pendemic, Help for food
Let us educate the deprived
Let us help to ameliorate the sufferings
Let us integrate the society
Holistic education to all
Holistic education to all
Holistic education to all
An education which transforms a human being into economically productive,
socially responsible and morally upright member of the society

Chairman's Desk

    SOCIO-ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION OF INDIA, NOIDA, has multifarious objectives aimed at promoting healthy environment conducive to the economic and social development of society in general and weaker sections of the Society in particular. Our mission is”Development and empowerment of human beings into socially responsible, economically productive, intellectually alert and morally upright members of society through imparting of holistic education, and training for employment. Since ‘EDUCATION IS THE ENGINE OF PROGRESS”, the primary focus of SEFI is to give a helping hand to economically weaker students and schools (catering to weaker sections of the society) for improving quality of teaching and providing other facilities. During our almost eight years of operation, it is estimated that more than 1500 children, directly or indirectly, have benefitted from our activities.

    Keeping in view, our above focus area and current dismal state of Primary education, high incidence of drop-outs, as brought out in ASER reports, it was decided to open “Roshni Centres” , an after-school concept, to give helping hand to the students of weaker section, motivate drop- outs to bring them to schools and held workshops on Soft-skills for personality development.

    We were going ahead with a program of six month program of basic computer training to a group of students and it was about to conclude but sudden incidence of pandemic left no option but to stop our all activities and join the society and government in fighting the war with COVID. Weaker section in our country has to fight both Corona and hunger. Let’s support our weaker brothers and sisters by providing them ration.

    None of us could ever imagine that catastrophe of the type of COVID 19 would happen in our life. It has changed everything in our life. Post-covid world would be different. Let’s first face it and also get prepared ourselves for post-covid world.
Socio Ecconomy