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Let us educate the deprived
Let us help to ameliorate the sufferings
Let us integrate the society
Holistic education to all
Holistic education to all
Holistic education to all
An education which transforms a human being into economically productive,
socially responsible and morally upright member of the society

Roshini Program

Roshini centre- Our flagship Program

We at SEFI thought why not to start playing a supportive role for the children of lower classes, particularly at primary level. SEFI started a "Roshini program" which would help the children of weaker section in overcoming their problems in Math's, science and languages. May like to see Concept Note of the program.

Our first center became functional around 3 years back at Khoda. A teacher was provided for these subjects. Trust also provided Books and stationeries to the students. The progress was monitored by us. The results were very encouraging.

A new center is now functional at Indira market , Atta in front of Govt School E block) since Feb, 17. The center is working from 3.00 P.M. to 6.00 PM ( Monday to Saturday). Two volunteer teachers have been taking classes on regular basis. In addition our highly qualified members/ volunteers are taking classes on selected days. Around 40 children have registered and taking classes at the center. Please see few snaps of latest activities at Roshini Center, Indira Market, NOIDA

The pictorial view of our activities at the center, since beginning, is available on our FACEBOOK link

We dream to open such center all over India. With passage of time the scope of effort at these centers would be increased to cover higher courses to make children of weaker section more employable.

We need funds and manpower support. We invite you to join us in our effort as a Special trustee. Your association would be certainly a great morale booster and honour for us. You may like to see Concept note of our "Roshini" Program.
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