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Let us educate the deprived
Let us help to ameliorate the sufferings
Let us integrate the society
Holistic education to all
Holistic education to all
Holistic education to all
An education which transforms a human being into economically productive,
socially responsible and morally upright member of the society

Roshini Centre

Vision of Our "Roshini" program: To empower weaker through holistic education.

Scope: Project may cover one or more of the following:

  • Enrolment of out-of-school children
  • Improve Retention of children in school
  • Non-formal education programs for children who are not attending school
  • Use of modern techniques to enhance quality of learning
  • Skills and livelihood training for young adults to improve their employability

Background: As laid down in our objectives, we at SEFI are of the firm opinion that education is one of the most important inputs to development and betterment of the Society - educate to empower.

Times of India, reported on Friday, 23rd September, 16 -"8.4 Cr Indian Children don't attend school". These children who are excluded from education often face multiple and overlapping disadvantages in their life. What is holding these children back? Another problem is of drop outs. Why drop outs? It may be economic issues or mode of imparting education itself. The quality of education is also not of satisfactory standard in many schools, catering to the children of weaker sections of the society. Another major problem is employability of educated youths. How to improve employability of educated youths of weaker section?

Government has come out with different schemes to address these problems but considering the size of problem any budget location may be grossly inadequate. Moreover the modality of disbursing funds is such that only few big NGOs with sufficient paraphernalia may fulfil the conditions to get these funds. There are large numbers of children going to small schools, catering to poor people, who will not be benefitted from these schemes. The above "Roshni" program has been launched by SEFI to address this segment of the Society. SEFI is a very small set up with meagre resources and is making every effort within its possible means to fulfil these objectives.

Although the requirement of fund to meet these objectives may be huge but small assistance received from the contributories to meet these objectives may help us to achieve the objective to a large extent. There has been a saying that drops make ocean and continuity of small assistance may turn the SEFI into having sufficient fund at its disposal to meet its objectives.

Our Execution Strategy: With the above objective in mind, we thought it prudent to start a program in a very small way. "Roshni" is being launched with two centres one each in NOIDA and Greater NOIDA. The centres and their scope would be enlarged with availability of more funds.

Our Execution Methodology

  • Open centers near prospective beneficiaries
  • Mobilize the local Community to support the activity
  • Contact the stakeholders. Schools, parents and existing social structures for enrolment campaigns, summer camps
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